Swedish Redwood Timbers

Premium Sawn Timbers

Premium Sawn Timbers

Available In: 25mm x 125mm x 3.0m 25mm x 150mm x 4.5m 25mm x 175mm x 5.1m 25mm x 175mm x 5.4m

Swedish Redwoods

Swedish Redwoods

Available In: 50mm x 100mm x 4.2m 75mm x 225mm x 3.6m 75mm x 225mm x 4.2m 75mm x 225mm x 4.8m

Cutting Service Available

Cutting Service Available

A fantastic range of cutting services for our products

Perfect for home and garden furniture, our selection of premium Swedish Redwood timber for sale in Suffolk lends itself to a range of exciting projects.


Naturally resistant to moisture, repelling insects, and capable of holding a fair amount of weight, Swedish Redwood is a popular choice for picnic benches and furniture used for outdoor dining areas.    


Taking nicely to paints and varnishes - as well as looking outstanding in its natural condition - redwood is also a highly versatile timber that offers a smooth and impressive finish.


To get a quote for Swedeish Redwood timber, simply give us a call and our team will be happy to price things up for you.




What is Swedish Redwood?


Swedish Redwood is a highly popular softwood from Scandinavia that has earned a reputation for its superior quality. Grown in somewhat ideal conditions, the soil, climate, and elevation found in this part of the world help to create a nicely durable timber. Such strength has ultimately made Swedish Redwood a common choice for furniture, cladding, and other construction purposes. 


Is redwood suitable for outdoors?

Repelling rot, insects and moisture, Swedish Redwood is suitable for outdoor use. As well as being strong in the face of the elements, this timber is also less prone to cracking and warping- it’s really no surprise that such a stable softwood enjoys a fairly remarkable popularity!

What is redwood good for?


Thanks to its strength and superior quality, redwood is a good choice for a vast range of tasks. Specifically, it can be used for decking, posts, beams and other instances where construction timber is required. As previously mentioned, it’s also one of the best choices for constructing resilient exterior furniture.

Interestingly, the remarkable properties of redwood makes it a preferred timber for small speciality items like musical instruments and art pieces, too!


If you’d like to find out more about our redwood for sale, contact us now to have all of your questions answered. Our experts will be happy to provide you with a quote and schedule a delivery at a convenient time should you decide to go ahead.