Roofing & Natural Graded Batten

Natural Batten

Natural Batten

Available In: 19mm x 38mm x 3.0m 25mm x 50mm x 3.9m 25mm x 50mm x 4.8m

Blue Batten

Blue Batten

Available In: 25mm x 50mm x 4.8m

Local Delivery

Local Delivery

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As one of the most popular construction timbers, it’s no wonder that timber is often used for roofing. Offering flexibility and longevity, timber battens are ideal for use in the build of both residential and commercial properties.

At Suffolk Timber Supplies we stock natural and coloured timber battens for sale to provide even more choice when it comes to selecting products for your roofing.


Whether you need a small amount for a home renovation project or you’re a tradesperson in need of a much larger quantity of timber for roofing, get in touch today to find out how we can help. With collection and delivery slots available, your next order is just a click and a phone call away. 




Roofing timber battens for sale in Suffolk


Fast becoming the standard material for new residential buildings, timber is an attractive alternative to steel when it comes to roofing. Incredibly strong, easy for tradespeople to install, compatible with other structural materials, and far less expensive to install than steel, it’s surging popularity is hardly surprising.


Another advantage of using timber battens for roofing is that they can be arranged in creative ways to create eye-catching spaces that simply aren’t possible when using steel. Arranging battens in this way also frees up additional space.


Besides providing an impressive finish, the density of roofing timber also means that it provides a measurable amount of insulation. Indeed, its excellent thermal properties are naturally much better at containing warmth than any. Altogether, this ensures that any building that uses timber as a roofing material will look and feel warmer than one built using steel.


Ultimately, timber is the perfect roofing material that boasts a range of benefits that alternative products simply cannot deliver. 


If you have any questions about how you might use timber for your next roofing job, or even if you just want to discuss decking timber, why not give our team a call today? Armed with plenty of knowledge and experience, they’ll be happy to talk you through any questions you might have and will be on hand to provide a quote for your order as well as scheduling delivery for a time that suits you.