Timber Supplies for Sale in Suffolk

At Suffolk Timber Supplies, we’ve made it our mission to stock a quality range of well-protected products to meet the needs of every last customer who visits or gives us a call. Whether you’re a tradesman taking on a massive project, or you’re simply in need of some timber to complete an outdoor decking area in your garden, we’ve got you covered. To make it easy to browse our range of timber for sale in Suffolk, we’ve grouped our products into twelve distinct groups. You’ll find an overview of these groups below and even more information when moving through to their unique page.

Sleepers and Scaffold Boards


No doubt some of the most popular timber products around, sleepers and scaffold boards serve many uses and are available to both our trade and public customers. From raised flower beds to log cabins, the structural and decorative application of these products is all but endless and our team will be happy to talk through all of your options if you’re at all unsure which of the two is the best fit for your project. 


Recognising the need for a quality and professional finish, Suffolk Timber Supplies does not sell seconds and only sources premium sleepers and scaffold boards.   


Construction Timbers


Well-experienced in working with trade and construction customers, our team at Suffolk Timber Supplies takes care to source quality timber that can be relied on for structural tasks. Whether you’re working with partitions or boxing an area in, our competitively priced construction timber will ensure that you or your client gets a quality finish to the work. What’s more, our professional timber cutting service will also enable you to get the precise dimensions you require.


Swedish Redwood


A popular choice for garden furniture, Swedish Redwood is naturally resistant to moisture, repels bugs, and is suitably durable. All things considered, it’s an all round great choice for outdoor projects. As the name suggests, this wood is grown in Scandinavia where the conditions are all but perfect for producing natural products, making it suitable for cladding and construction, too.  


French Oak


Renowned for its calm structure and characterised by a distinctly flame-like grain pattern, French Oak has fewer knots than traditional types of oak and is a popular choice for flooring projects. Promising to provide a warm finish to your projects, we’re confident that you’ll be impressed by our selection of this timber.


Live Edge Slabs


Providing a unique and natural finish to your projects, our live edge slabs make us timber merchants in Bury St Edmunds that can be counted on to help you achieve just about any style! 



More commonly known as PAR, planed all round timber provides users with an all round smooth surface to work with. Particularly good if you’re looking for a flush finish, PAR is commonly used for both decorative and structural purposes. Things like rabbit hutches and large structural frames are just two examples of the types of things that this timber type can be used for. 

PSE timber, on the other hand, is planed square edged timber which is also typically used on projects where the finish will be visible. Some examples of it being applied in practice are fixtures like shelving and sash windows. 


Don’t be afraid to give our team a call if you’re at all unsure which of the two is the better fit for you!


Sheet Materials


Whether you require hardwood faced plywood, moisture resistant MDF or shuttering plywood, Suffolk Timber Supplies has you covered. Often used for walls, flooring and roofs, sheet materials can also be used for interior features like countertops and bookshelves. It’s important that you select the most appropriate type when undertaking a project with structural elements so don’t be afraid to give our team a call if you’re at all unsure about which sheet material is best for you. They’ll be happy to explain whether oak veneer mdf, birch ply, osb, osb t and g, matchboard, or chipboard flooring is best for you!




With a host of options available, the cladding on offer from Suffolk Timber Supplies will ensure that you get the correct fit and exactly the finish you’re after. From black featheredge board to shiplap, loglap, and tongue and groove cladding, we’ve made it easier than ever to make sure that customers enjoy a superb choice in materials. By supplying all of these popular types of cladding, we’ve made sure that it’s easier than ever to get the supplies you need to get to work on a  garden office, summerhouse or just about any other building you have in mind. 



It would be almost impossible to overstate the importance of having nicely decked outdoor spaces to enjoy in the sun. It is for this reason that Suffolk Timber Supplies provides everything customers need to build their own decking. Gathered together in specially designed starter packs, we bring together all of the elements necessary to get straight to work on creating something special. We also provide all of the elements separately if trade or public customers already have screws and boards ready to go.




Providing flexibility and longevity, it’s no surprise that batten is an especially popular construction timber. Providing both natural and coloured options, Suffolk Timber Supplies is well-positioned to provide batten for residential as well as commercial projects.


Fencing and Trellis

Essential aspects of any garden or outdoor space, we realise that it’s important for customers to have a range of fencing and trellis options to choose from. Having provided fencing to businesses, tradesmen and homeowners since we first established ourselves, we’re proud to offer everything from closeboard panels to crown top posts and machined round posts. Ultimately, Suffolk Timber Supplies are on hand to provide everything customers need to create exceptional and durable outdoor spaces.      


Gates & Fixing 

Fusing function and good looks, our collection of gates for sale in Suffolk are the ideal solution for driveways and property entrances. If necessary, our gates can be delivered with latch kits, hinges and all of the other essential elements to make installation as quick and easy as possible.

Ultimately, our range of products makes us one of the most well-stocked and dependable timber merchants in Bury St Edmunds and the surrounding areas. To find out more about any of our products, be sure to give us a call or pay us a visit.