Briquettes For Sale in Suffolk

Our timber “eco” briquettes are available for collection or delivery in Suffolk. As efficient as they are effective, our briquettes produce environmentally friendly heat in minutes due to their low moisture content. Made from a combination of low moisture sawdust and shavings, you can rely on our briquettes to outperform traditional firewood by providing a longer and hotter burn. In addition to these essential benefits, our briquettes are also easy to handle, can be effortlessly broken down, and are incredibly easy to store.


We recycle our waste sawdust and shavings into our “eco” briquettes and this coupled with recyclable paper packaging ensures total sustainability.



Whilst they are fast becoming the preferred option for modern wood burners, there are still many questions we receive regarding our timber briquettes. To provide a guide to everything you need to know about timber briquettes, we’ve rounded up and answered some of the most frequently asked questions below.


Are briquettes better than logs?


Not simply a like-for-like comparison, briquettes produce a different type of fire to logs. Specifically, they are quicker to light and typically burn for much longer periods of time than logs do. This is down to the moisture content in briquettes which sits below 5-10% and makes them a far more efficient choice. Of course, to make sure that you get a longer and more efficient burn, it is essential that you store your briquettes in a dry environment.


Do briquettes burn longer than wood?


When it comes to heating your home with a woodburner, the amount of time that your fuel lasts will likely be a key decision. With this in mind, the fact that timber briquettes last longer and produce 50% more heat than logs will surely be all the insight you need to make a decision. As if this wasn’t enough, though, briquettes are far better for the environment as they are chemical-free and a byproduct of other processes. What could possibly be better than an efficient fuel source that also happens to be highly sustainable? 


To order your briquettes in Suffolk today, or to find out if they’re a good fit for your purposes, simply get in touch with our team today. They will be happy to answer all of your questions and schedule a delivery for a time that suits you.